Unwinding in the old world

“You travel well,” said Maria, the woman who ran the B&B where I stayed in Sardinia. When someone who basically talks to travelers all the time says something like that, it’s a compliment you don’t want to take lightly. The comment came while we were talking about my plans for after I left the B&B and went to Cagliari. Maria asked me what I planned to do with the car after I got to town. I knew I wouldn’t need it in town and my plan was to drive to Barumini to see the Nuraghe, come back to Cagliari, check in to my hotel, then drop off the car. I answered, “I’m going to drop off the car when I arrive.” It was then that she made the comment. Continue reading “Unwinding in the old world”


Living the high life

This week I experienced something for which I’ve previously always been on the other side. A little backstory. I briefly helped an English couple who’d done what I did the day before at the supermarket: they hadn’t weighed their fruit first. In Italy, anyhow, you need to weigh the fruit and get your own sticker or they can’t ring it in. When this happened to me I thought, “Oh right, I forgot” but I’m not sure I’ve ever purchased anything at a supermarket in Italy before so now I’m thinking maybe it was from Quebec? Someone needs to clear this up for me. Continue reading “Living the high life”

Italian beach holiday, baby!

Interesting experience, flying Calgary to Zurich, and Zurich to Cagliari, when Calgary/Cagliari are pronounced almost identically, just with a difference in “g”. The Sardinian city sounds like “cal-yaree” which is pretty much how Sardinians pronounce “Calgary”. Continue reading “Italian beach holiday, baby!”

Planning, or not, as the case may be


I don’t usually plan a trip beyond booking a flight and place to stay. In the few weeks before I leave, I usually start looking at activities on Expedia or somewhere, and if I find something I like that requires tickets, I’ll book it, but generally I’m just wandering around when I get somewhere. I like an organic experience and I think maybe I don’t want to feel scheduled and planning is scheduling so I avoid it and it all seems to work out in the end, although when I went to New York City in 2016, I totally forgot to visit the Empire State Building. Continue reading “Planning, or not, as the case may be”

Desolate online garage sale item

bed frame

Since I discovered online garage sales, I have sold a few of my things and bought a couple of other peoples’ things, but the other day I came across the sale of a “bedroom”. I wondered how a room could be sold so I clicked on it and found that it was actually, of course, a bedroom set and was reminded of the time I once tipsily thought to myself, while out drinking with friends and talking about being hungry, how my friend didn’t look like a poutine, no matter that he felt like one. Continue reading “Desolate online garage sale item”

International travel with a mobile phone

We’ve come a long way since the days of waiting a month or more for a letter to arrive by ship. We can now communicate instantly from point A to any other point pretty much instantly but this has created the expectation that we will be available instantly and that has its own set of problems. I know there are a lot of reasons to want to be connected while travelling. Maybe you have a sick relative, or that last bit of work that needs to be done, or you’re selling your house. In those situations, you want to be reachable at any time, but if you’re like me you might just want to just be prepared and to spend as little as possible on roaming charges if you’re taking your cell phone. You’re taking your cell phone, right? Of course, you are. We’re all cyborgs now. Continue reading “International travel with a mobile phone”