Touring Knossos

For ease of understanding, we use the name “Greece” as if this were always the name of the geographical area we currently understand as such. Like much of Europe, and everywhere, really, the Greek peninsula was broken up into city states or what we might consider provinces or regions today. We’ve all heard of Sparta and Athens and we think of them as Greek but even they didn’t think of themselves this way (unless they were being attacked by Persians, but that’s another story). A Spartan was Spartan, an Athenian was Athenian, etc. Loyalty and identification were with and for the local region. Continue reading “Touring Knossos”


Driving on Crete

I booked a car for July 12 before I knew what I’d do with it. My original thought was that maybe I’d drive to Knossos and then look around a bit. Parking didn’t seem to be an issue, but when I looked at tours, it was almost half the price of renting the car. I kept the rental, though, and decided on just a good, old fashioned road trip. I looked at a map, searched for “archaeological sites” and got some ideas. Continue reading “Driving on Crete”

The start of Crete

No major hiccups on our flight. We were not able to check in online so had to wait to check in at Edelweiss and as Edelweiss’ computers were down, we waited over an hour to move 20 feet in line as they had to check everyone in manually. When the computers were back up, we just raced through but it was almost an hour and a half start to finish but as we were about to do in 9 hours what used to take two weeks to a month, I was okay. We were worried the flight would leave late, and it did, but we had a great tail wind and arrived in Zurich as intended. While there is a flight direct to Chania from Zurich, the timing was such that it left an hour after our intended arrival and because it only goes a few times a week, we’d have been stuck if late, so our schedule was Calgary-Zurich-Athens-Chania. We had 6 hours total scheduled in Zurich so we went to the Transit Hotel, got rooms and napped until 6:30 local time, after which we went for an all day breakfast (eggs and bacon) and espresso before heading for our gate. Continue reading “The start of Crete”

Movies on the way to Zurich

As per normal on long flights, while sleeping would have been more helpful, it lost out to movie watching. There were a number of films I wanted to watch, but as I did doze a little, on a 9 hour flight I watched three films: Nicole Kidman’s Destroyer; Matthew McConnaughy’s Serenity; and Vice, about Dick Cheney. Continue reading “Movies on the way to Zurich”

90-minute movie review: Galveston


My knee has improved so I’m spending more time on the treadmill and again looking for movies of a reasonable length for exercise: 90 minutes. If my knee is bothering me, some kind of cable tv episode of about an hour’s length usually works but for a longer stretch, the oeuvre has been action movies of various types, sometimes involving men-out-of-their-element-seeking-revenge-for-the-death-of-a-loved-one, or Mark Wahlberg. It takes a little bit of hunting to find something of the right length but makes it easier to pick a film if I have a time restriction. The first film at 90, maybe 95 minutes, gets picked. This past weekend, the choice was Galveston. Continue reading “90-minute movie review: Galveston”

First visit to the British Museum, February 2019 (totally out of order)

(This might be published super late. For some reason it was stuck in drafts.)

A school friend works at the British Museum. I’m more than a little jealous of that but it meant I got some free tickets to the Ashurbanipal exhibit. I wanted to see it but maybe not enough to buy actual tickets, I’m more of an Egypt fan than Mesopotamia, so yay free tickets! Most of the British Museum is free, there’s free entry, but some of the visiting exhibits have a fee. Continue reading “First visit to the British Museum, February 2019 (totally out of order)”

Pop Opportunity, I hope

pop cultureI went to see Avengers: Endgame on opening night. I’m not a crazy person, it’s just that my local cinema is not high traffic and opening night is not A Terrible Idea. My movie buddy and I have seen a few big opening nights or weekends at this theatre and never had a problem. In most cities, downtown is the happening place but in Calgary, people who live downtown, I don’t know, they don’t go out or something, and people who work downtown usually live in the suburbs and their evenings are spent there. If you are reading this and you live in Calgary and want a non-zoo cinema for, I don’t know, the next Star Wars or X-Men, keep Eau Claire in mind. Not the happeningest shopping it was meant to be, but it works in your favour for movie-going. Continue reading “Pop Opportunity, I hope”