Rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 ~ Season 1, Episode 10, The Nagus


By this time in Star Trek fandom, watchers of DS9 were not afraid of having to see a child genius like Wesley Crusher designed to appeal to Kids These Days. I don’t think there was anything inherently wrong with Wesley but the blatant pandering made an otherwise loved show seem smaller somehow. As someone who periodically came in to save the day, he’d have been great but as it was, no. Deep Space 9 was a different show than The Next Generation. Continue reading “Rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 ~ Season 1, Episode 10, The Nagus”


knock knock : who’s there?

iPhones have the option of selecting a specific text tone for each contact. Android users? Did you know this? You can’t do that. Given that a lot of people communicate more over text than speaking, you’d think this would be more widespread. I asked a Google Pixel rep when they’d be doing that, I mean, they basically invented Androids, so dudes, what the fuck? Apart from the ridiculously numerous places you have to search for every goddamn setting in Android, having no contact-specific alert tones was the thing that annoyed me most in my Android foray. There are things that can be said about Apple, but unless they implode, I’ll be buying their stupidly expensive devices for the rest of my life, based almost entirely on this texting thing. Continue reading “knock knock : who’s there?”

Ministry: You Know What You Are

2018-04-01 22.45.53

We all know the people who are into the music scene and like all the bands we’ve never heard of. I listened to some of the music some of these people told me about and came away convinced they only liked it because no one else did. Pre-hipsters, if you will. I mean, who would listen to that crap? And to make it worse, there was all this talk about what the music means. Like, objectively? I guess. I was reluctant to dive into any music discussion or share what I liked with those music snobs because I felt judged and maybe a little like I was in the wrong. I mean, they seemed so sure. Continue reading “Ministry: You Know What You Are”

TV review: Dark

DarkThis German television series was suggested to me by someone whose recommendations have caused reactions in me that ranged from “this is the best thing I’ve ever read” to “I don’t think I can look at you the same way knowing you like this.” Thus, I am leery of all his suggestions. This show has started to tip me back into “maybe he’s an okay guy after all.” Continue reading “TV review: Dark”

Movie Review. Exodus: Gods and Kings

fid14217Dear Lord, if there was ever a movie that did not need to be remade, this is one. The original Exodus is not the Best Movie Ever, but who’s out there asking for a reinterpretation of the ten plagues? As Odysseus (whose story has been redone over and over) would say, “Outis,” that’s who: Nobody. NOBODY! Geezus. Continue reading “Movie Review. Exodus: Gods and Kings”

Chris Evans is awesome


I just re-watched Captain America: Civil War and I was thinking about when I first heard Chris Evans was going to be Captain America, I didn’t know how that was going to work out. I’d never read a Captain America comic, I knew virtually nothing about him, but I’d seen Evans in the Fantastic Four and couldn’t reconcile Johnny Storm with anything that might need any gravitas. I should have realized that I believed the character because dude’s a good actor. I thought the frat boy, joy riding persona I’d seen was who he was. I certainly never considered him a character actor; he was just too good looking for that.  Continue reading “Chris Evans is awesome”

Remember, part of me is you

A long time ago, I knew a boy who felt so badly that his friend had been rude to me, that he looked for me for two weeks to apologize on his friend’s behalf. I was surprised and delighted and could barely remember the original insult. I thought it was so nice of him. So of course, I fell in love. But I was 12 and he was 13, so it was never going to work out. It was entirely one sided anyhow, so there’s that. Continue reading “Remember, part of me is you”