Second day at the British Museum, February 2019

When people asked me what I planned to do in London with only three full days, the only thing I could think that was non-negotiable was visiting the British Museum so I planned for two of my three days to be spent there. A lot of European museums are on the smaller side, like those found on Museum Island in Berlin where a dedicated visitor with good shoes could see five in a day and tickets can effectively be bought in bulk. The British, though, have a longer period of colonial looting than most so they have more stuff and their museum is just way bigger. The British have even managed to scoop items out from under other colonial looting countries, like when they took the Rosetta Stone from the French. Continue reading “Second day at the British Museum, February 2019”


Recreating memories

Something that went without mentioning in the last post was a thing I did at the request of my uncle. We have a photo of my grandfather sitting on the bridge in front of Big Ben, during WWII, and while I had intended to visit the spot, my uncle suggested recreating the photo on what would have been his birthday, February 3. My museum friend and her daughter helped me out by guiding me to the location on the tube, holding my stuff, and taking the photo. It was windy and my hair kept getting in my face, and then I remembered I’d brought along a beret for the possible cold. As I fished it out of my pocket, I realized my grandfather was wearing a beret in his photo, so it was even better! It’s the same spot but I’m not sitting on the railing because I was afraid of falling in, and after turning it into a black and white photo, I think it’s pretty good. Between the beret and the jacket that mirrors the pockets and structure of his uniform, I can’t help but think my subconscious was helping me pack.

First visit to the British Museum, February 2019

A school friend works at the British Museum. I’m more than a little jealous of that but it meant I got some free tickets to the Ashurbanipal exhibit. I wanted to see it but maybe not enough to buy actual tickets, I’m more of an Egypt fan than Mesopotamia, so yay free tickets! Most of the British Museum is free, there’s free entry, but some of the visiting exhibits have a fee. Continue reading “First visit to the British Museum, February 2019”

Jack the Ripper tour, London, February 2019

To cap off my day of blowing up my knee, I went for a Jack the Ripper tour. The tower closed at 4:30 and the tour started at 7pm so you’d think that would be a lot of time, but you’d be failing to take into consideration my capacity for trinket purchasing and photo taking. I got the last few of my photos and headed to the shop where I got some dealios for a work friend and my mom, as well as some tea towels because London seems like the place to get things related to tea. Continue reading “Jack the Ripper tour, London, February 2019”

a new About Me

Someone liked my “About Me” and I realized that it’s a wee bit out of date. I am no longer a part-time academic. I didn’t finish what I needed to finish so I am a regretful non-academic but still a life long learner. I am, thankfully, also no longer a barista and now work at a Real Job but would welcome the opportunity for the instability and uncertainty that comes with travelling anywhere and writing about it.

Tower of London, February 2019


My priorities for this trip were the British Museum, the Tower of London, Portobello Road Market, a Jack the Ripper tour, to buy a book that has been released in England but whose Canadian release has been pushed back several times, and to recreate a photo of my grandfather on the bridge in front of Big Ben. Quite an itinerary for a trip of only three full days. If I had time, I’d go to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, visit some Doctor Who sites, and see Buckingham Palace. I managed to fit in everything except the Globe Theatre and the Doctor Who stuff. I also sort of scheduled when I’d see things, which is weird for me. I usually just show up in a place and figure it out from there. Continue reading “Tower of London, February 2019”

Portobello Market

img_4798When I told the friend that I’d met sailing in Sardinia that I’d be staying in Notting Hill during my time in London, she said, “Ooooo…you will enjoy Portobello Road Market on a Saturday morning.” I thought, “Is that good?” I hadn’t heard of the market but I’m a big fan of markets so I decided that would be my Saturday morning activity. Besides, I had to work off my big breakfast! Continue reading “Portobello Market”